You asked for it!


I've been beaten, spanked and lowered but I will not break!

I've been accused in not knowing anything about iPhone even though my personal device these days is an iPhone 3G.

I've been told I need to learn about BlackBerry before I write about it although most of my emails in 2008 were sent from BlackBerry 8800.

I've been told my operating system comparison was too subjective, but I still stand behind my words!

And since you asked for it: the fight will be expanded to included another round.

We shall call it: "Round #2" and this time, it will be an open poll for everybody!

Palm Pre vs. Windows Mobile vs. iPhone vs. BlackBerry vs. Android - Round #2 - Fight! - Coming soon!


(Follow tonight's posts for the poll).

And this time - there will be no mercy!

And I'm also planning a small surprise in this poll...