10 things you cannot do with LG GD910


LG recently presented their new wristwatch phone LG GD910 and everyone seems to be so excited about it!        

Well, I don’t. I think it's a cute (but useless) gimmick.

And to prove my point:

10 things you cannot do with LG GD910:

1. Pass the phone from one ear to the other
2. Hold the phone with your head bent towards your shoulder
3. Use it as multi-touch (even if it had multi-touch…)
4. Use it single handedly
5. Lose it
6. Charge it somewhere and at the same time – tell the time…
7. Take pictures of anything other than your hand
8. Drop it (and use it as an excuse to buy a new phone)
9. Dance break-dance while talking on the phone (...)
10. Pretend you are Dick Tracy

(OK, you may be able to do number 10 after all…)


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Anonymous said…

You cannot pass the call to anyone.

But you can dive with your phone