Does Windows Mobile depend on HTC?


During MWC, Microsoft announced that they sold 50 million Windows Mobile devices so far (20 million during 2008).

HTC on the other hand, announced that they have sold 40 million Windows Mobile devices since they started building Windows Mobile units.
Which means, HTC are responsible for 80% of all WinMo devices in the world (remember that HTC used to manufacture a lot of devices for other companies such as Palm, Sony Ericsson etc).

Still, you have to admit that this is an amazing number, definitely, when talking about Windows Mobile - HTC is an integral part of it.

And I'm asking:
- Can it be that Windows Mobile depends on HTC just like it depends on Microsoft?
- What will happen if like Samsung (with the OmniaHD) and Motorola - HTC will dump WinMo in favor of, let's say, Android, what will become of Windows Mobile then?

What do you think?