EnergyRom 1.2.5 FuzeBerry Edition By: NRGZ28

EnergyROM_FuzeBerry1 There has been a lot of excitement going on about the EnergyRom Series by NRGZ28. This Cooked ROM has proven to be very stable and incredibly fast for the AT&T Fuze and HTC Touch Pro. I have tested all of NRGZ28’s ROMS and I have been really happy with the result. Even though NRGZ28’s ROMS are pretty damn good I must say, there always seemed to be something missing….Until Now!

Released today is the newest NRGZ28 Custom ROM’s that now has a healthy dose FuzeBerry 7.5 CFC cooked in! As you can see from the picture that FuzeBerry plays really nice with the EnergyRom wallpaper. Here is a little more:

This ROM is CE OS 5.2.20764 (build 20764.1.4.3) and the version is: 5.05.405.1 ,all from official Raphael ROM.

This ROM contains all the speed tweaks and a little bit of eye candy (All of the MobileMatt FuzeBerry Phone Suite and TF3D Theme). The focus was a quick ROM that's great to use everyday. The CFC compressed Manila in this ROM is lighting quick, as well as the rest of the ROM.

So what are you waiting for? Head on over to Mobile Matt’s new and improved website right now and score your very own copy of EnergyRom 1.2.5 FuzeBerry Edition by NRGZ28.

For more discussion, head on over to the Fuze Mobility Forums!

Are you new to the whole ROM Flashing Scene? Click Here for all the basics of Flashing ROM’s for the Raphael.


Drew said…
I was all pumped up like a sniper on Pop Rocks, unfortunately the multinational GSM goodness that the AT&T Fuze begets will not take hold on my petty CDMA device. Standing saddened and a bit embarrassed, can anyone post that dazzling background image so I can fake the funk on a nasty dunk in style?