Garmin-Asus M20: first Nuvifone runs Windows Mobile?


OK, listen, it's not that I have a problem with it, after all, I'm a winMo fan, right?

It's just that Garmin promised something big, something original, something that will change the way we use our mobile phones and make use of location based services, and all we ended up with is another Windows Mobile device from... Asus?

When I first posted here about Nuvifone, I was certain it's going to appear soon: here's why.

Then there were rumors about an android based nuvifone, which will probably come true soon, and now it seems Garmin-Asus decided to take the easiest path and build their location based phone on top of the powerful platform of Windows Mobile.

While I like the looks of it, and think it's a good option, but I can't help wondering what happened to the "amazing operating system" we saw in action in a video (which no longer exists by the way...) few months ago... the one that looked like this:


According to Gizmodo, the "old" nuvifone will still be released under the name G60 which will be based on linux. I have to admit, though, that the images Gizmodo has does not look as good as the original prototype...

What does it mean exactly? Are Garmin and Asus about to release at the same year - Android, WinMo and Linux based phones? Sounds strange, but I will continue following...

Anyways, here's some quotes from the official press release:


"Recognizing that location is relevant to every aspect of every day, the nuvifone M20 is designed with location based services (LBS) at its core and has the most advanced LBS experience of any Windows Mobile phone. Navigation functions are linked to frequently used applications such as calendar, contacts, email, internet applications and more, simplifying the nuvifone user's day as they travel from one location to another.

The nuvifone M20 supports download speeds of up to 7.2 Mbps and offers a desktop-style web browsing experience. Users can zoom and pan web pages with their finger as they view the information in either portrait or landscape orientation. In addition, they can easily navigate to an address on a web page with only a few taps of the screen. " (Press release)

More of Gizmodo information in here.

And of course, the official Garmin-Asus site with all the details!


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