How to: assign different SMS notification sounds for different senders

Have you ever thought about assigning different SMS sounds to different contacts?

Well, if you did, here's a way to do it with Windows Mobile.

The tool is called MortRing and even though it's not the best looking app - it is clearly something which can really enhance the fun with Windows Mobile and also save you from some embarrassing moments (not that you have anything to hide of course...).

contacts popup


After installation, the program's in the autostart folder. After a soft reset, you'll see a tray icon that looks like a cell phone.
If you tap this icon, a popup menu appears. The most important entries are "Contacts" and "Categories".
In "Categories" you can assign ring- and sms tones to the contact categories. If a contact has multiple categories, the order of the list in this dialog is used. I.e., if a contact has both "Private" and "Friends", it will take the "Friends" settings if it's in the list prior to "Private".
In "Contacts" you can assign ring- and sms tones to single contacts, thus overriding the category settings. The currently used category ringtone (or "*other contacts*") is shown there if no specific contact ringtone is set. To remove a contact ringtone (and this way restoring the category setting), press the fitting "X" button ("X"=remove). It's only activated if a contact ringtone's assigned.

Download MortRing (freeware)
Or check out this XDA thread for more information.

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