HTC Announces Touch Diamond 2 and Touch Pro 2

So long to the horrible D-Pad of the first generation - welcome generation 2!!! (and welcome back Tilt!?)



Both devices are expected to be available around the end of Q2 beginning of Q3 (Diamond 2 will probably be released a bit sooner than the Pro).

Excited? So am I. I have to say the keyboard of the Pro looks... yummy... rrrrrrrr.....

Touch Pro 2 Specifications:

  • Windows Mobile 6.1 Pro
  • 3G, quad-band edge
  • WiFi, GPS, FM Radio
  • Motion sensor
  • MicroSD (SD 2 Compatible)
  • 528MHz Qualcomm MSM7200
  • 512ROM/288 RAM
  • 3.6" 480x800 WVGA screen
  • 4.57" x 2.33" x .68", 6.17 oz
  • 1500 mAh Battery
  • 3.2 mp camera

Touch Diamond 2 Specifications:

  • Windows Mobile 6.1 Pro
  • 3G, quad-band edge
  • WiFi, GPS, FM Radio
  • Motion sensor
  • 528MHz Qualcomm MSM7200
  • 512ROM/288 RAM
  • MicroSD Expansion
  • 4.25" x 2.09" x .54"
  • 4.15 oz
  • 5mp Camera
  • 1100 mAh Battery
  • 3.2" 480x800 WVGA screen

Check out the zoom ruler in the bottom of the device - looks promising, isn't it? I can see a lot of tweaks coming in with this one...


New version of the TouchFlo 3D:

TouchFlo 3D will get a decent upgrade as well!

According to HTC, the new version of the TouchPro will include better integration with Windows Mobile, deeper and more consistent, and some new features like web pages preview in the main shell, bigger touch focus areas (for better finger usage), and some new improved tabs like the contacts tab, etc.

Continue like this, HTC, and your stuff will be more advanced than WinMo 6.5!

Did we say... yummy? (oh yeah, we said that already...)

More details and full press release in WMExperts (Touch Diamond 2, Touch Pro 2).

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Parrotlover77 said…
You say so-long to the D-Pad as if it's a good thing. The stunning lack of D-Pad is the single reason I will never buy this device.
Gil Bouhnick said…
I usually prefer to have a d-pad of course but the d-pad of the diamond and the pro is so bad that in this specific case I'm happy it's gone...

I agree with you that the perfect navigation can be done with a physical d-pad