HTC Weather Master V1.0 Released – SQL Error Resolved

Screen31 Last November I wrote an article here on Fuze Mobility explaining how to How To Add A City On The AT&T Fuze TF3D Weather Tab. Since then, we have been keeping you updated with another program called HTC Weather Master which you can see here, here, and again here. Hey, we were really excited about this application!

Well, the last Beta had a few bugs in it, and some users were a little unhappy that it locked their Weather Database. In my case, I was using final version which took it out out of Beta, Version 1.0. The problem I was having is that when I tried to Add a City, it was spitting out a SQL Error. In his latest ROM However, XDA ROM Cooking Master NATF (Not A Treo Fan) has solved the SQL error by:

In my latest (unreleased) ROM, I fixed the SQL error by not including the 2330xxx_manilla file used for the weather database. Then, during initial customization, I install the file from CAB (without Read Only attribute).
After the phone reboots, HTC Weather Master works in cooked-in form (autolaunch) or manual launch from Start Menu shortcut. No SQL error.

Because HTC Weather Master locks the Database, and would not allow me to run WeatherDatabaseEditor 1.2.CAB created by andreas.falke, I posted for some help and NATF came through for us with a patch and saved me from having to do a Hard Reset to unlock My Weather Database. NATF says:

I downloaded the CAB file posted here, and the problem is that 2330fc3c_manila is being installed as Read Only. Try this CAB... I edited it to remove _2330fc3c_manila (not needed), and set 2330fc3c_manila to not be Read Only.

Here is a link to NATF’s HTC Weather Master “non read only” cab that will fix you up if you run into the same problem I did and get a SQL Error. Remember, not everyone is experiencing this issue. But if you are, here is the fix! Enjoy! (380.7 KB, 21 views)

Thanks to NATF & XDA!