iPhone's Fring vs.WinMo's Fring. Fight!

Well well well, if it ain't that rumble again: iPhone vs. WinMo.

So far, every time I make a comparison between phones or OS I get spanked by one of the sides; furious Android fans, fanatic Apple freaks, etc.

I decided to stop doing that, but after a while (10 seconds), I got bored again, so the hell with it! I'm continuing my clashes between different devices and different OS - you are all invited to spank!

Today I would like to compare between Fring for the iPhone and Fring on Windows Mobile. Both, are great free applications which I use.

First parameter will be the user interface!

Screen02 IMG_0012 

I believe you will have to agree that the iPhone version looks much better than the WinMo one. The UI is designed better, it has those finger friendly iPhone's scrollable lists and some nice tabs images in the bottom, switching between subjects.

The WinMo version, on the other doesn't look that bad, but those 'not-so-good-looking-saying-the-least' tabs in the bottom makes it a bit pale comparing to the fancy iPhone UI...

iPhone 1:0 WinMo

Moving on to the second parameter - and this is the ease of use.


In here, too, iPhone wins, big time. The user interface does not only looks better but it also works much more fluently.

The connection is established quickly, multiple chats can be handled easily, and the application feels much more comfortable.

Sorry, Microsoft, you may fix that in 6.5 too if you want (6.5 looks impressive BTW), but for now the score is: iPhone 2:0 WinMo.

Third parameter is here, and that's the level of integration with the phone; while the iPhone version should be invoked from the springboard, the WinMo version can be integrated inside the 'today' screen (watch out HTC users...) as a Today plugin, which give WinMo a huge advantage when you want to jump from one application to another and then check your Fring status.

Therefore, the score is now: iPhone 2:1 WinMo.

Now let's talk about the plugins each version has. Here it seems like WinMo has a small advantage, at least when talking about the OOTB plugins which includes some additions like Facebook, Orkut, Gmail etc.


Score goes to WinMo again, which means we have a tie:

iPhone 2:2 WinMo

While I was using both versions for a while, I tried to find more differences between them and by accident, I found something that definitely breaks this tie for good.

Get this:

When closing the Fring application in the iPhone (or in cases where the device turns off) - Fring will become disconnected, meaning that your buddies will not be able to send you a message. Ha! No background Fring for iPhone users!

On the other hand, Fring on Windows Mobile will continue to work even if you turn off your device, enabling you to get continuous alerts even while you send mails, make phone calls of leave the phone in a standby mode.

Therefore, final score is: iPhone 2:3 WinMo

WinMo version wins!

I guess that settles it then. Fring for iPhone may look better (OK, much better) and feel better (OK, much much better), but hey, it stops working when you close your phone or move to another application...

Something to think about...    

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Anonymous said…
heh if you think about it, that is both the iphone and windows mobile MO. iphone looks better, but WM is more powerful.