A link to a post I wrote back in November - About Windows Mobile Touch (6.5 ?)


I completely forgot a post I wrote few months ago, while there were a lot of rumors about a Microsoft Zune phone with Windows Mobile 6.5 etc.

Luckily for me, there are people who actually read my blog. And there is one who actually remembers things I write! (Thanks again Simon!).

So here's the thing: back in November, I wrote 10 ideas of improvements that will make Windows Mobile a great touch phone.


Read the entire ideas in Suggestion- Windows Mobile Touch.

Of course, many of them are the obvious things we all think about.

The nice part of it is that many of them were actually implemented in WinMo 6.5 - how cool can it get? No seriously, tell me please, how coooooool can it get???

Let's see which suggestions actually happened:

1. Embed a great shell interface into Windows Mobile, some really good ones already exist!

OK, Microsoft did not embed an existing one but they did made the default shell much better: an improved Today screen, new start menu and of course a great useful lock screen.

2. Make the user interface lists scrollable by finger

Done. Ha ha ha ha (evil laugh)

3. Enable resizing the menus, buttons and combo-boxes so people can totally control the "finger friendliness" of their phone (wanna learn how?)

Microsoft indeed changed their menus, and they didn't just resized it - they redesigned it completely.

4. Change the size of the top bar so that using the [OK] button with a finger would be more convenient

Nope. was not modified in 6.5, I wish they did...

5. Drop it with those poor Internet explorer efforts - we are all using Opera already.

OK, I was probably too extreme here, seems like the new explorer will be much better than the old ones and will have a flash support as well.

6. Improve some UI areas around the phone, calendar, email, and contacts functionality - those are the areas where Windows Mobile is very powerful but has a weak user interface.

Not sure how much of this idea is implemented, but I think that the contacts did change a bit to become more finger friendly and include images which is great.

7. Wrap some admin tools such as the horrible connections dialog with a more friendly UI

Nope. Not included. Bad Microsoft! Bad!

8. Add a better built-in network roaming

Don't know about this one...

9. Add some cool animations when opening/closing a window, more than that is just exaggerated.

No information about this one yet, But according to the people who saw the system in action there is a new wait curser.

10. Call it Windows Mobile Touch - the 'Touch' brand seems to work perfectly for HTC!

OK, Microsoft did not take my advise on this one, but they did change the name to Windows Phone.

So you see? I think I can count at least 4-5 ideas which were implemented in 6.5, and since I don't think I was the only WinMo user thinking of those areas - it probably means that Microsoft did some good improvements.

Can't wait to have a Windows Mobile 6.5 device.


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Anonymous said…
Nice one!

What about performance? I'm tired of waiting...