MobileSpoon is 10 months old! Here are some of my thoughts:


It has been 10 months since I started the MobileSpoon and I took some time today to review some of my older posts.

Here are my favorite opinion posts, including a lot of thoughts on different devices:

Murphy's Law- First attempt to plug your USB will always fail! 

What happens when a Windows Mobile Addict breaks his vow and buys an iPhone-

iPhone Thoughts (and also: iPhone thoughts - Week #2)

The Truth about the Diamond vs. HTC Touch Diamond Review - by 'Y'

Blackberry Thoughts

The Truth about BlackBerry!

10 Things you probably know by now about the Android

My first impression of the Android

Windows Mobile Devices with no Hardware Buttons

Suggestion- Windows Mobile Touch 
A link to a post I wrote back in November - About Windows Mobile Touch (6.5 -)

HTC Touch Pro Thoughts - Week #1

PalmPre vs. iPhone vs. WinMo vs. Android vs. BlackBerry - Fight!

Scoop- MobileSpoon in favor of the iPhone

Children get their first mobile phone at average age of 8

Microsoft announces Windows Mobile 6.5. Here's my scattered notes about it

Is it time for Modu-?

HTC Touch HD Thoughts - Part #1

SpoonMan's Origins 

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