Nokia E71 - Best smartphone in the world?


I don't write a lot about Nokia phones, but couple of days ago I had a chance to put my hands on the Nokia E71. It's one hell of a phone and it looks amazing: incredibly thin, elegant and with a full QWERTY.

Unfortunately I am not a huge fan of Symbian and the keyboards keys are much too narrow for my fingers.

I may be writing a full review about the E71 soon, but even though I may not like it, it's a very good smartphone, and it won a very prestigioues reward in the yearly contest of MobileChoice as the best phone and smartphone of 2008.


Here's the entire list of winners in the yearly contest:

Phone of the Year: Nokia E71
Best Smartphone: Nokia E71
Best Camera Phone: Samsung i8510
Tariff Deal of the Year: 3 Mobile Broadband
Best Bluetooth Headset: Jawbone Noise Assassin
Best Network: O2
Best Mobile Game: Tetris Pop
Best Music Phone: Samsung F400
Best Customer Service: Virgin Mobile
Most Stylish Phone: LG Secret KF750
Best High Street Retailer: 02 Stores
Best Mobile Sat Nav: HTC Touch Cruise
Best Online Retailer: Virgin Mobile
Readers' Dream Phone: Apple iPhone
Manufacturer of the Year: Samsung Mobile

Source: MobileCoice

In a poll I did couple of months ago HTC Touch Pro won the contest called "the best smartphone in the world" although I think that the greatest one for 2008 was without a doubt HTC Touch HD (here's why).

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Mussawir said…
Nokia E71 is the phone of ever...!