Samsung OmniaHD Operating System

Samsung OmniaHD

How did this happen?

We all knew that the Samsung Omnia was one of the best WinMo devices in 2008 and one of the most selling ones too.

We all heard about the amazing Samsung OmniaHD which is about to be released soon.

What we didn't expect is that it will be based on... Symbian?!??#$


No, seriously: Symbian?

Nevertheless, here's a video from PhoneScoop:

Motorola dumped Windows Mobile, HTC is pretending to be a friend but in fact continues the Android revolution, and now Samsung...

WinMo fans - think about it...

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Pony99CA said…
Motorola did not "dump" Windows Mobile. They'll be "focusing" on Android for the next year, but that doesn't imply they won't release any WinMo phones.

Given the success of the Q line, I don't see why they would.