Samsung Valencia - I'm lovin' it!


Here's one Samsung device which looks very promising.

Samsung has announced a new messenger style device called “Valencia” that will be running Windows Mobile 6.5. This new device will sport a 393 MHz processor with 128MB RAM / 128MB ROM, a 320 x 240 non-touch screen, Tri-band GSM with GPRS, Edge, UMTS, 3G, and HSDPA. There’s a small 20MB internal storage along with a full front facing QWERTY, Bluetooth and a 2 mega pixel camera.

Besides that specs, I really looove that practical form factor and the surprising colors.


Full QWERTY, 6 hard keys, complete D-PAd, this is exactly the kind of things which may not look as sexy as the Diamond and stuff but turn your phone into a real friend.

I will continue following this one until it's out...

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