Say goodbye to your multi-charger!

charger According to AustralianIT, the GSM Association, involves 17 major mobile operators and manufacturers including Nokia, Motorola, Qualcomm, Samsung, Sony Ericsson and Vodafone, have banded together to develop a universal charger for mobile phones by January 2012.

The charger will be based on Mini USB (of course...) and will not come as part of the handset kit.

GSMA estimates that between 600 million and 960 million mobile phones sold last year were new handsets - equivalent of up to 82,000 tonnes of replacement chargers every year. The move will, of course, save a lot of that...

I have to say it does sound like a waste, on the other hand, I will probably still need to have a few charges available, one for my office, one for my car, one for the toilets (oops, did I just say that???), and one in my favorite coffeehouse ...

Thanks for sending me the tip George.