Scoop: MobileSpoon in favor of the iPhone

Few days ago this picture was publish in few sites (including mine):


While I like the funny idea and used to agree with most of it, lately I came to the conclusion that I actually disagree with many of the usual complaints about the iPhone.

Don't get me wrong. I haven't switched sides yet, but I believe some of the "complains" are exaggerated.

Surprisingly (even for myself), here are some notes I never thought I will write, defending the iPhone:

So there's no MMS, so what? As we are talking about a smartphone with incredible Wifi capabilities - emails are just the natural option for me to send attachments.
Frankly, I never really used MMS, even when I had a simple cell phone.

Video Recording:
I actually am using a great video recorder called Cycorder. I think many iPhone users have this one which is working really good.
I honestly take more videos now with this simple but useful tool than I ever did with my older devices...
True, it can only be installed on jailbroken iPhones, but then again, locked ones should seriously be replaced with a rock...

Video Call:
For me it's just like MMS, I'm embarrassed to say I never tried it, as I usually talk when I drive so it just not an easy task to do...

Changeable Memory Card:
This is indeed annoying. Not because I need to expand my 16 Gig so fast (I don't), but because you cannot pull it out and move it to another device.

Copy & Paste:
OK. Here's something that will definitely start an argument.
How many times are you actually using copy/paste in your mobile phones? I don't use it that often. But jut in case, there are few alternatives for copy / paste. I'm using Clippy which works pretty well. So, actually I do have copy/paste in my iPhone which even has a clipboard queue.

What I do miss is the following: I get a call, and while talking I need to write down a number. I would expect that the digits that I type while talking would stay in my dialer screen after I end the call so that I can use it (make the call, store the number, something...).

Well, it doesn't... brrr, which is a real pain in the a...<beep>!

No Changeable Battery:
Not that I like it (I definitely don't), but let's face it - most of us will replace our phone before the battery will die.

Having said that, there are 3 things I still don't like in my iPhone:

1. No Today screen:
I'm sorry, I know it sounds like whining, but why can't I see a snapshot of all my PIM at a glimpse? Isn't that the meaning of a "smart" phone?

2. Form factor:
I'm probably in a minority here as well, but I actually don't like the looks of the iPhone: It's too slim, the sides are too rounded which actually makes it hard to hold it without worrying that it will slip out of your hands...

3. iTunes:
Should I explain?


What do you think?
Did I become another blind Apple prisoner or does any of this make any sense?


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Saif said…
I agree with you that the iPhone is not bad. In fact its like comparing a coupe sports car to a 4x4. Each is targeted for different functions.

But I disgaree with your justification.

Mostly you said " I dont use... I dont use". Well you are 1 in about 3 billion people. I do use copy paste a whole lot, I mms at least 10 people twice a week and I do video call at least thrice a month.

I also change my batteries every 5 months - basically when the charge no longer holds 80% of its original state.

I know for a fact that there are plenty of people like me.

Sure the iPhone is nice but it does have flaws.
Gil Bouhnick said…
Thanks for the comment.
Of course, most of the things I write are my personal opinion and experience, you don’t have to agree with it.

I’m interesting to know why are you using MMS instead of emails? Is it because of data plan limitations?
Stewart said…
I don't liike video calls and MMS is a thing I used in the past but not any longer
Anonymous said…

Not everyone I know is "connected" to their email all the time. Such as my mom, dad and older sister.

I guess its because I know that if I send an mms it will be read instantly where as an email may require a few hours to be seen.