SmartTouch for Windows Mobile


If you don't have a data plan but still want to access many useful services via your mobile phone, SmartTouch is a great alternative.

SmartTouch utilizes the global SMS system to connect to services which support basic commands manipulations in text messages.

The user interface is finger friendly and the SmartTouch framework includes a suite of widgets that are hosted inside. There's a lot of services already included:


It's practically a tool that will visualize the SMS services, As CEO John McDonough explains, it’s sort of “like moving from the days of command line MS-DOS to Windows 3.1″.

Here's few examples:

 Facebook  Google%google

To get your free version - go to

Downloads also available in here

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J Rob said…
It's currently only for WM6. I'm still living in WM5.

CB said…
Gil, thanks for the post. SmartTouch is a great way for users without a data plan to access content on the phone. We think it's also a better way to get to targeted information even for people with data plans.

To any of our users out there, drop me a line and let us know what you like most about SmartTouch and anything that's not working for you. We love to hear from you!

Craig [at] smarttouchmobileinc [dot] com