Things people hate about the iPhone

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Boy Genius Report and PPCMobility published 2 similar posts complaining about the iPhone - 10 things they hate about the iPhone.

While I'm currently using an iPhone, I can agree with many of the things written in those posts, here's the parts I specifically liked:

"iPhone(Apple) users.  Don’t get me wrong.  I like people, but iPhone people and Apple people are their own breed.  They always think that Macs are the best, Apple is the best company ever and the iPhone is the best thing since sliced bread.  They will push the iPhone on you until you hate everything Apple.  This includes you Walt Mossberg.  Apparently for the price you get one iPhone and a few pounds of smug to carry around with you. When the iPhone 3G came out I had to keep checking my phone to make sure I really did have 3G for years because the way it was advertised I was certain they were releasing something so new to the market I couldn’t have had it already."

This part is so funny, but true. I have few "Mac" people working with me and they sure like mentioning it...

The things both articles mention are:

1. Copy/Paste (I have it in my iPhone, by the way... working fine)

2. No text forwarding

3. Cannot remove battery

4. Video recording (I have that too, working really cool)

5. Lack of customizations (similar to my post few months ago)

6. Multitasking and push notifications - I totally agree with this one.

And, I must also quote one of the comments - so funny:

"Why would you need text forwarding? Just copy and pa… oh, I see what you did there…"

I will be publishing the third part of my iPhone thoughts soon, they will probably relate to some of the points above...

PPCMobility link

BGR link

iPhone Thoughts - MobileSpoon


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April said…
I think the lack of ability to use the available bluetooth to transfer files among different cellphones around is quite annoying,I mean if you can make bluetooth work with the bluetooth headset whats wrong with exchanging data? Damn apple...