Toshiba TG01 - Do you like it?


The WinMo blogsphere is full of stuff about the new Toshiba TG01.

Here's some useful links if you are interested:

WMPowerUsers, WindowsMobileCool, EngadgetMobile

I must say I'm not that enthusiastic about it yet. I think the size of it is a bit exaggerated, I'm not crazry about the stripes user interface and that widgets bar on top does not seem too finger friendly.

It is impressive of course, but I guess I need some more exploration time to get used to it.

Read some interesting hands-on information in here (Translated).

And here's another video showing the gaming capabilities:


I'm wandering what other readers think of it.


Parrotlover77 said…
I think the blinds UI is not very useful. It's pretty cool looking, but not as useful as either TF3D or Panels. If I had the device, I would go back to the classic Today screen in a heartbeat.

Other than that, where's the D-Pad and all the other hardware buttons a good WM device should have?

No D-Pad, no sale for me. Blah.

Finally, I know a lot of people are excited about a capacitive screen. I'm not. If it was a stylus capable capacitive screen (somehow), I might give it a pass. You will have to pry my stylus out of my cold dead hands!

To me, the best screen would be a resistive screen like the Touch Pro/Diamond have (the sensitivity is amazing) with the "clicky" feature of the Blackberry Storm. I used a colleague's storm and I have to say that the clicky screen gives you the ability to touch and then zero in on an object before selecting. More like how a mouse works. That's a great technology.

But I still need my stylus!