Toshiba TG01 Smartphone Video Review


Toshiba is about to release a new Windows Mobile professional device called: TG01 Smartphone (what a bad name... but it's too late to change it now... it was already announced in London).

Few interesting notes regarding the hardware of the phone:

- 9.9-mm thin handset

- 4.1-inch WVGA (800 x 480 pixel) display, based on HDTV technologies (including color matching, dynamic gamma correction and LCD backlight control)

- 1GHz Snapdragon chip  (*see explanation below)

- Fully customized user interface (more details on that in few days...)

What's Snapdragon?

Snapdragon is a new processor from Qualcomm that is supposed to be running at 1ghz (read more in here). With snapdragon, the TG01 should work extremely fast, or as Toshiba says it: "revolutionize the mobile entertainment world."

Wow. Sounds impressive!

Here's a picture next to the iPhone... it actually seems a bit too big...


More pictures in here.

Take a look at this detailed video: (it has some interesting UI I will discuss in another post)


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