Welcome Doug Smith!


Hi all! I'm excited to welcome a guest star to the Mobile Spoon!

Doug Smith, the founder of many popular mobility blogs such as FuzeMobility and PPCMobility, whom I've mentioned many times in the past, will be joining the Mobile spoon as a guest writer!

Doug and I have linked to each other's sites for quite a while, and we thought it will be interesting to join forces and bring new perspectives and insights about mobility subjects we find close to our hearts.

Doug is a real mobility expert and I'm sure things will get much more interesting when he is around! (While I will be writing in FuzeMobility, trying to keep up with the pro's in this great site)

So Doug, I'm sure we are going to enjoy it - welcome!

And for those of you who didn't subscribe to the FuzeMobility feeds just yet - hurry up! it's one of the best WinMo sites out there!