Windows Mobile 6.5 - more screenshots revealed

Windows Mobile 6.5 will probably be announced next week but until that time - let's have fun with some more screenshots:

Let's start with the famous honeycomb: I told you it will have scrolling capabilities!

541-410322-c4b1e637866bfba-thumb 1234 

Here's something nice about the phone user interface:


The screenshots below hint that we may be getting a finger friendly soft keys menu! Ohohoho!!! I love it!

menu menu2

Few things I don't like about the screenshot below:

- An ugly close button (looks like a corrupted font!) - please replace that...

- What's going on with the low resolution icons? isn't it time to replace those into something more sexy?

- I don't like the scroll bar... do you?


Overall, it looks like some great additions to the current OS, but is this enough?

Let's wait for the real version before we jump into conclusions...

More WinMo 6.5 stuff in here.

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