2 Samsung devices leaked

2 leaks from Samsung, both of them relates to devices running windows mobile (yippie!).

First leak: Samsung B74300.      


Looking great, this phone will luckily run Windows Mobile, hold a 3MP auto focus camera, and probably (as seen in the picture) run the latest TouchWiz UI. I would call it OmniaHD but for some reason Samsung insisted that the new Omnia will run Symbian...

Second Leak: Samsung Mondi


This strange looking fellow is probably the Samsung Mondi, features a 4.3 inch touchscreen, slide out QWERTY, and — (drums-drums-drums-drums) - 4G WiMAX.

"Bwabic-Bwabic" (said the frog)

I like the funny keyboard, don't you? It looks more like an UMPC device to me, but check this out: it is assumed to run Windows Mobile as well... Coo-hool!


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