Amazing art work done by using an iPhone drawing app called Brushes.


I came across Jorge Colombo's website where he published some of his art work. Amazingly, he has a large collection of drawings he made using an iPhone application called Brushes. You heard it right. The drawings you see below are made with a finger!

288230264screen Brushes is an iPhone drawing app created by Steve Sprang. I just downloaded it and it seems great indeed, but my best drawing so far was a stupid smiley...

Now back to Jorge Colombo's work; of course I cannot place all of his amazing work here, so I allowed myself to copy just a few.

So head over to this website to see more of those amazing iPhone finger drawings.

isketch106_550 isketch098_550 brushes025_300 isketch104_550 

(all images were made by Jorge Colombo)

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anonymous said…
Those are amazing.