Apple's iPhone OS 3.0 - what's inside?


100 new features are coming to iPhone with the upcoming release of the new iPhone OS version 3.0!
Not 10, not 33, 100! And for older iPhone owners - for free!

Here are my notes from the iPhone OS 3.0 preview:

First thing: Copy and Paste!
Yeah!!! Applause!


(Look how beautiful it is...)
You can easily select a word or a range of words and then you have copy / cut / paste. At last. And not only text, but other formats as well (pictures etc.) and get this: for ALL the applications including SMS and mail.

Landscape support for all the applications:
I really needed this one. I just can type the keyboard in portrait mode. This enhancement will make my typing experience much better!

Improved SMS and... MMS!
I said in the past I never use MMS, but at least now Apple added a support for it. Some people may be very happy at the moment.

Voice Memo Application by Apple:
I'm using some nice free audio recorders, but now it seems like iPhone 3.0 will come with an original one.

Improved Search Capabilities:
Including searching in older mails, calendar entries, and more.

Enhancements to the SDK:
More than 1,000 APIs will be available to developers with iPhone 3.0 including emails capabilities for all apps, iPod API and more (see screenshot)


Here are some AppStore Enhancements as well:

In-App Purchase:
urchasing portions of the application content, for example: you will be able to purchase new levels in games.

Peer-to-peer networking:
Discover other iPhone users which are located close to you over Bluetooth. No need for long pairing, instead, a special back-end technology will popup a message about your neighbors, just like it does when a new WiFi spot is found.


Excluded from the list: Background Processing and Flash support

Excluded: Background processing? Not this time. Apple claims it hurts performance and battery life, so instead, iPhone OS 3.0 will have push notifications services for all the applications. The only concern I have is that the notifications come from the iPhone server, which requires a valid connection (not sure I fully understand this one...).

Excluded: Flash support?  Not yet. (Not sure why), may still be declared soon.

Source: Live blog 

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