Caisses - Free Sokoban game for Windows Mobile

(This one is an oldie, but in case you are not familiar with it yet, here it is...)

Caisses is a Sokoban clone that includes 500 levels and 14 different backgrounds and themes.

screen321 screen2 


Oops! Who put that original Sokoban screenshot in here? Please remove that in the final editing, it's not modish. 

Anyways, back to Caisses:

In this game, you are a warehouse keeper, and your mission consists in arranging boxes by pushing them onto their designated locations...
Boxes can be pushed, but not pulled, and the controls are simple : either point to the spot to move to with the stylus, or use the directional pad!

- 500 levels !
- 14 different backgrounds and themes, to suit everyone
- Nicely animated menu system with puzzle preview
- Virtually unlimited undo/redo.

To Download Caisses, click here (Try it out - it's completely free!)

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Gil Bouhnick said…
If you like Sokoban, here's another game I forgot to mention: