Cell-phones are going down, here comes the Smartphones!


According to In-Stat, smartphones are going to double their share of the mobile handset market in the next four years.

This means that while the entire mobile handsets are declining, the numbers of the iPhone, G1, WinMo, etc. will continue to rise.

At the moment, smartphones account for 10% of all mobile handsets sold. Sure, people like us talk and think about smartphones all the time, but most people still use cellphones.

All smartphone platforms will enjoy growth, but In-Stat believes Linux is going to grow the most. In-Stat noted, "Smartphones with Linux OS (including Android) will see the highest growth and the second-highest volume behind Symbian.

According to the report, Linux OS will outpace Windows Mobile, RIM, and iPhone OSX. Mainly because of the fact that the Android (that already passed Symbian in Internet browsing) will be developed by many manufacturers. Symbian will continue to hold the biggest market share but the numbers will be eaten by Linux and the others...

Recent research by In-Stat found the following:

  • Smartphone security is still inadequate and is likely to be a source of problems for users and their employers, based on In-Stat’s consumer survey results.
  • Almost one-third of survey respondents plan to obtain a smartphone the next time they upgrade their current phone.
  • Smartphones with Linux OS (including Android) will see the highest growth and the second highest volume behind Symbian.  Linux OS will outpace Windows Mobile, RIM and iPhone OSX.

After reading the report, I thought the figure below will be interesting to our US readers as well (click to enlarge):


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Parrotlover77 said…
I just don't see Android lasting very long unless they crank up the "wow" factor a bit. The Android devices I've seen have the coolness factor of WM5. The only redeeming quality of Android is its amazing notification system. Other than that, it's a pretty blah phone platform.

Android's lame 2-D bitmap clock and four "Windows 3.1" looking icons on the front screen don't exactly excite at first glance!

iPhone has Android beat in eye-candy / multimedia and RIM has Android spanked in raw business power.

At least WM keeps pace by being a bridge between the leading of iphone's multimedia and RIM's business power. It may not be a front-runner in either category on its own, but combined with excellent third party apps and a nice GUI front-end, it's definitely a contender for both.

So who is Android designed for then? Where are the "wow" apps?