FaceBook application ported from Windows Mobile 6.5


The guys from XDA-Developers managed to rip some stuff out of Windows Mobile 6.5. One of the applications they found was a native FaceBook client which was immediately ported to WinMo 6.

Here's a quote from the XDA site:

"This Is a new Facebook aplication for windows mobile! As stated above it was ripped rom the newest windows 6.5 Rom, but this WILL run on windows 6.1, 6.0 and even Windows Mobile Standard from preliminary testing. Tho our WM5 uses have stated that they have been unable to get this App to load. Currently it is at V0.14 so im guessing this is still an early beta program mayb even alpha version. But with that said it still looks and works great! Though it does have some issues. Currently this app has the following features.
5 Differnt Tabs,
Home - Where you can view your News Feed, Status Updates, and Updated Photos
Profile - Where you can view yours and others Wall, Info, & Photos
Friend - Graphical/Text list of all your friends & what they are doing
Inbox - Here you can view your Inbox, Outbox, Notifications, and Requests
Phonebook - This is a really cool feature where you can call any of your friends that have htere phone numbers linked to there FB Profile.
This App also as some other cool features, such as the ability to "Poke" friends as well as leave comments(a must) view picture albums, upload pictures/videos as well as the ability to update your own status. This app shows real promise considering it is only currently V.14, i personally cant wait for the updated versions that will hopefully come in updated roms being released every few days - a week."

GadgetMonkeys downloaded and tried it, here's what they had to say about it:

"Things you can do: see a news feed, status update feed and photo feed, update your status, upload photos and video, comment on friends’ status, view your own and friends photos, view friends profile, tag photos, read, compose and reply to wall posts and inbox messages, call and text friends directly if their phone number is listed on their profile

Things you can’t do: see comments on your status, see tags on photos, view a live feed, chat and see your events. And it doesn’t look like there’s any sort of notification system where you get a pop-up in Windows Mobile to let you know if you’ve got a new friend request, event request, wall post, status comment, or any other activity."

So, I'm not sure if you should immediatly download it or wait until the application gets more stable, but be sure to follow the XDA-thread for some updates.

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