FEWidgetsLite for Windows Mobile


Wish you could have a Samsung Omnia but your parents won't buy you one? (OK, lame opening...)

FEWidgetsLite is a Windows Mobile freeware which allows the creation of visual widgets. It brings a similar look and feel as Samsung's TouchWiz UI.

Unlike FEWidgets, that uses Flash 7, this "lite" edition is designed for Flash Lite 3.1 (Opera's plugin).

Changes on 0.2.0:
- All widgets where rebuilt and optimized.
- [New] New Window scroll concept added. Now every layout/page can hold up to three times its size and can be scrolled sweeping you finger vertically on a widget empty area of the screen.
- [New] Changing layout sets is now animated and can also be performed by sweeping from side to side on a widget empty area.
- [New] Added option to disable the tray bar (where activesync small icon is showed at the bottom)
- [Fixed] An exception generates when signal is lost or the phone radio is disabled on some devices.
- [Fixed] When background is smaller than the screen it won't resize.
- [Fixed] Kinetic Widgets Bar code always executed.
- [Fixed] When selecting a contact though double click on the contacts selector, the name won't load correctly.
- [Fixed] When an RSS item description contains HTML tags they will be included. (Now, no tags are allowed)
- [Fixed] Simetimes, if Battery Saving was enabled, the widgets would not load anymore.
- [Fixed] Some widgets would stop funcitoning properly if dragged out and dropped again many times.
- [Changed] Now Auto scalling is fixed on 200%. Icon and widgets scaling are fixed.
- [Changed] Multithreading option cannot be set now. By default the application will run on multithreaded mode.
- [Experimental] Added a new Flash Player 7 working mode. If variable "UseFlash7" on settings.xml is set to "true", the application should work with the Flash7 plugin.
- [New] Weather widget now uses ajbopp black glossy icons!

Here's a video review:

Read more or download in this XDA thread.

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