Find songs and lyrics from your mobile phone


IMG_0016 If you are familiar with iPhone's Midomi, here's a nice alternative for Windows Mobile devices that finds the lyrics of a song instead of the song itself. 

Midomi is a cool application that "grabs" sounds and finds the original song of it (for example in youTube). You can try to sing the song you want to find, hum it, grab it from your radio or write the words. I used it for a while now and it's one of the coolest things for mobile phones.

You can also access Midomi over at their website that gives the same capabilities in here: midomi home.

(for some reason it doesn't work so great from the site, but from the iPhone version it hardly make mistakes!)


ScreenShot2 Last night I found SmartLyrics over at 1800PocketPC which immediately reminded me about Midomi.
SmartLyrics is a new Pocket PC Freeware from lpaso from xda-developers that lets you search for the lyrics of any song even if it is being played on your WinMo phone.

The app uses the services to retrieves the lyrics, so it does require a data connection.

Head over to this XDA thread to learn more about it or download.

If you know about a WinMo app that searches a song in youTube based on sounds search - please let me know! :-)

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