Great sound quality with SRS WOW HD


Here's a good freeware if you use your WinMo 6 device for listening to music.

In short, SRS WOW HD software enhances the audio quality and makes it sound better through the speaker or ear plugs.

Here's what SRS had to write about it:

"SRS WOW HD, ideal for mobile music applications, provides fidelity to digitally compressed music through the use of patented, psychoacoustic techniques. SRS WOW HD creates an ultra wide sound field with richer lows and brighter highs so consumers are engaged in an immersive, more realistic audio experience. Windows Mobile device makers have been using SRS WOW HD not only to deliver superior 3D stereo and bass listening experience for music over headphones, but it is also a very useful tool to tune the sound quality of the speaker(s) built into the handset. Using SRS Labs’ proprietary psychoacoustic techniques, people are able to perceive improved sound imaging with improved high and low frequencies."

More information about SRS in here.

Download SRS WOW HD 

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