Gyrator - automatically rotate your HTC Touch Diamond / Pro / Fuze screen

I got few recommendations on this free application so I thought I should at least write about it (although I haven't tried it out yet).


Gyrator is a c# based program which will automatically rotate the screen in your device, so that it is always in the correct orientation for the way you are holding it

Gyrator will enable your device to:

  • Automatically rotate the screen orientation to match that of the device

  • Automatically lock your device, or turn off the screen when the device is placed in a certain orientation

  • React to the stylus being inserted and removed from the device

  • Notify you when an event has occurred by means of vibration or audible alert.

To download visit: (not the most intuitive site, but you just need to find your way to the download section and you are all set...).

If you are having some difficulties, here's the download page.

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