How to: 2 ways to turn your old Diamond into Touch Diamond 2

diamond2 oin 1

Are you tired of your old Diamond? Wish you could turn it into the new Diamond (HTC Touch Diamond 2)?

For those of you who saw Touch Diamond 2 in action and just couldn't bare the thought that you are stuck with your old Touch Diamond - here are 2 ways to get the new Diamond!

Option #1: EverythingDiamond is a site that hosts all the ported applications from Diamond2. It will let you download and install a lot of new features and some new applications that will be available in Touch Diamond 2.

The links include  both OEM files and CAB files and here are some of the things you may find attractive:

CAB: HTC Calculator 1.0.1822.4128 
CAB: HTC Album 2.5.1820.4127 w/ Social Networking 
CAB: Opera v9.5 build 15613 
CAB: Diamond2 Sensor with apps regedit 
CAB: Diamond 2 QuickGPS 1.0.1911.1733
CAB: Diamond 2 Keyboard With Arrows 
CAB: Diamond 2 Email Wizard 
CAB: Diamond 2 Volume Control 2.1.1911.2331 

For the complete list - check out the site EverythingDiamond

Option #2: Instead of getting involved with ROMs, installations, configuration, tweaks and hacks - find a decent work, save some money - and purchase HTC's Touch Diamond 2!!!


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Anonymous said…
Hi, I was trying to find some of the stuff mentioned in this article on everythingdiamond, but all I see is ROMs and none of them is named "diamond 2 ROM" or something like that. Could you advise, which ROM to download to "boost" diamond to diamond2, pls. Thanks
Guest said…
They changed thier board around, and I can't find any of the above cab files.  I am trying to navigate around and find them myself as well.  If you find the new locations please post them.
Anonymous said…