iCaller - free full-sized caller screen for Windows Mobile

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iCaller is a free WinMo app that replaces the default Incoming Call screen with a full-sized screen presenting a full image.

Here's what the developer had to say about it:


  • Lightweight
  • Expands default incoming call screen without affecting its behavior
  • Full-sized contact picture
  • Pictures can be stored on a Storage Card or in Pocket Outlook database
  • Picture can vary for the same contact depending on its phone number (just name the picture with a number, e.g. 5554433.jpg)
  • Customized interface based on HTML


  • Unpack contents of the archive in a folder on your device, e.g. \Program Files\iCaller (do not forget to copy zlibce.dll too!)
  • Check settings.ini - it is configured for English version of Windows Mobile OS, you may need to replace sSysCallerWndTitle option from 'Phone - Incoming...' to your localized name of system default Incoming Call window
  • Launch iCaller.exe


Download iCaller.

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Anonymous said…
I downloaded this but I think I did something wrong. how do I remove it from my phone?? I tried deleting the folder but it won't let me. Should I do a hard reset or is there another way?