iContact 0.92 released - improved VGA and sensor support


Doug Melton, the gifted developers of the famous iContact just dropped me an email about a new version of iContact.

The new version (0.92) adds true VGA skins and Diamond touch sensor support, as well as some bug fixes.

Find out more in the official website: http://supware.net/iContact

In case you are not familiar with it, iContact is an all-inclusive finger-friendly contact manager for Windows Mobile. It's easily skinnable, intuitive, and replaces the standard Windows Mobile contact chooser. Translations are available for over 25 languages. iContact supports true VGA skins but also will support any screen size! The default skin has a diamond-like look and feel; other skins are available on the skins page. iContact settings can be found in the Windows Mobile system settings menu.

Please note: iContact 0.92 will work with all WM5.0 and above devices, even non-phone devices. But it will not work with WM2003 devices. For those, iContact 0.6 should work.

Download iContact 

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