iPhone 3.0 vs. the world

I found 2 interesting posts today, comparing iPhone OS 3.0 with Android and WinMo.

The first one is a nice comparison between iPhone 3.0 and Android made by LifeHacker:


The original post actually includes a very interesting detailed comparison, and you can read it in here.

The second post, is a funny one, written by WMExperts, talking about the iPhone inability to handle real multi tasking, it's hilarious, so head over to this WMExperts post.


I love those common iPhone jokes, although they begin to make me a bit uncomfortable, given that I actually like my iPhone...
hmmm... to laugh, or not to laugh?

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Leonick said…
I just love the new update for the iPhone... not because I have one or anything...

just because i can laugh at all the iPhone owners and tell them "haha your getting one great update guys, the os is almost ready for release now! oh, right :P" damn thing finally got cut/copy/paste lol

most of the updates are just standard features