iPhone 3.0 will be announced next week!

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According to TechTree a new OS version will be announced next week by Apple.

With an increasing competition from probably every mobile vendor out there (Palm with their Pre, Google with their impressing Android, WinMo 6.5, Nokia and RIM), Apple just had to continue improving their product in order to remain the leader (yes, I know many of you will not agree with this statement, but let's admit it - Apple did make the biggest mobile revolution in the past few years).

So what's going to be in iPhone 3.0?
According to the rumors, here are part of the improvements:

Adobe Flash
There has been a lot of talking about it, let's see if it's real this time...

MMS Support
I personally don't think it's a disaster not to have it, but still...

Cut - Paste
Jailbroken iPhones already have it (me too!) it would be nice to see how Apple will make it OOTB.

Background Process
I personally don't believe this one, as it seems like too much of a change in the basic behavior of the OS, but still, rumors do mention it.

What are your thoughts about it? 

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