iPhone Synergy: Synch your contacts with your Facebook friends list

We are all used to mobile iClones robbing the iPhone UI and concepts.

Here's a surprising robbery of the Palm Pre's synergy: with the new Photo PhoneBook iPhone application (iTunes link), you can simply synchronize your iPhone contacts with your Facebook friends.


Photo PhoneBook (PPB) automatically scans your list of Facebook friends (I have to admit most of my Facebook friends never call me... in fact... they are not even my friends... in fact, I don't really have friends...) and imports the profile pictures of those that it thinks match up with your contacts.

PPB is currently free - so give it a shot: free download (iTunes link)

(I bet that right now, in a dark alley, an iPhone fan is smiling to himself saying to himself: "They stole our multi-touch! We will get all their synergy features before Pre is even released!")

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Anonymous said…
Do You know when this app is available also in the German iTunes store?