Mobile OS numbers by Gartner


Gartner recently published some statistics about 2008 smartphones sales results.

As can be seen above, Symbian, the undisputed leader, continues to slowly decrease while other mobile platforms such as RIM's and and Apple's sales are increasing significantly.

Strangely, Palm sales results show an increase of 42%, and this is BEFORE the Palm Pre was released. I wonder how next year's results will look like...

Windows Mobile lost his second place to RIM during 2008, but continues to be a leading mobile OS. WinMo 6.5 will be released this year, and so far it looks very promising.

But above all: Apple, with an amazing growth of 245% over 2007. 
2009 will not be so easy with the economic situation and rising competition from Google and Palm, and I'm not sure iPhone OS 3.0 will do the trick this time. 

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