MobileSpoon is 10 months old! Thank you for reading!


The MobileSpoon is 1- months old and I thought it would be good timing to thank all the readers, silent or commentators, for taking part of it.

When I just started this blog I wasn't certain how much I will enjoy it and how demanding it will be (in terms of my spare time).

After 10 months of writing, investigating, reviewing, arguing, photoshopping etc, I can say it is indeed a great hobby!

So thanks again, and I hope you will continue visiting for many months to come!

Statistics wise, the site gets more readers every day, but I'm more interesting in the RSS readers. That's right, not just occasional readers looking for a specific download link, but the ones that actually like reading the MobileSpoon and subscribed to the blog in order to get the daily feeds.

The number of subscribers has reached 450 today (yippee!)


And according to feedburner, many of them are reading our feeds using Google reader. Surprisingly or not, very few are reading the mobile spoon via a mobile browser/reader.


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