MoDaCo NoData


Here's something (old) for those of you who are using an older version of winMo phone, you know, one of those who are not well equipped with manufacturers add-ins and a fancy shell...

NoData lists your GPRS connections, and allows you to disable them so that they won't be used.

It's every traveler's nightmare: having your foreign trip only to come home to a gigantic phone bill because your smartphone connects to the internet every 5 minutes to check for mail, RSS news items or weather updates. And data connections in an other country than your own can be pretty expensive. MoDaCo NoData lets you disable all data traffic without disabling the phone functions in a single tap.

Download MoDaCo NoData 

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jayagar said…
so can I use an unlocked 8525 htc phone with my ATT sim without activating data plan.