More Windows Mobile 7 Screenshots

How better to end a week of Mobility news than with some more screenshot goodness on Windows Mobile 7! Check it out:




Things look to be really coming together for WinMo and we may finally have the release we have been waiting for after poor showings with 6.1 and the yet to be released 6.5. Does the Zune and IM UI look killer or what? Let us know what you think! Drop a comment on what you have seen so far!

via wmpoweruser


Leonick said…
Yea seem good, think ill get myself a new phone with wm 7 when its out... will ignore 6.5 though, the most useful chnages ive already got fixed by third party apps... i wonder how much longer it will take for a good start menu replacement though :P
Anonymous said…
I don't like it.
It doesn't have any inovation!

Come on MS, wake up already!