The newbie says HI and thinks about his Diamond

The Diamond, the Pro and the HD are really great devices. Easy to use, powerful and a real eye-catcher. Especially when I’m sitting in the train
I guess we all agree that the OEM Software has a bunch of functionality. XDA-Developers are creme de la creme in adding new software to our everyday life (and that on a daily basis). But for me…I’m still not satisfied.
I tend to be on the move a lot. Work, School, Home Office, and so on. And I am also a very communicative person. Everywhere I go you can find an ICQ, Jabber and so on window sitting right there on my desktop or my Diamond. You’re probalbly asking yourself where this post is going. It’s simple. I want a Windows Mobile (or should we call it Windows Phone already) Synergy. I’ll be honest. I fell in love with the Synergy thing. But the thing that annoys me is the limitation to GTalk and Facebook. Why not ICQ and the german studiVZ?
Now come on XDA Devs… it’s been a couple of days now since the official presentation of the Palm Synergy…why hasn’t that come up?
Meanwhile, stay tuned for tips on how to accomplish this using several tools I’m testing out these days!
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Guest said…

How do I get that cab file for sms messaging showing pictures with the thread?