The Transformers live among us!

People with weak hearts should not read this post!

Guys. I don't want to create a panic or anything but I think I just saw a real autobot!

It's parking just outside my house now, and I somehow managed to found the courage and sneak up behind this great beast's back and take this picture!

Few minutes ago I thought it started to transform but it was just my phone ringing... (custom ringtone... you know...)


Update: I'm still watching this amazing piece of steel and until now (7 hours later) it still isn't moving. Few moments ago I was certain I heard Optimus Prime driving by my roadway but it was just a truck.

I will update you all (live!) when this autobot will start moving. 

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Leonick said…
Thank god i though i were alone. Ive seen this autobot excavator driving around and working with laying cables in my area!

Hot-Rod said…
No we're not! :P