Tweak of the week(end): See more appointments in your TouchFlo3D home screen

(That's one hell of a title...)

One of the things I don't like in TouchFlo3D is not being able to see your next appointments in the home tab.

Like, come on HTC, it's Windows Mobile, not just one of those toys for kids right? We need to be able to see our meetings in a snapshot!

We are serious people here, we need to... wait... what's that? Hey!? Is that TouchFlo3D with smaller clock and a list of appointments?

Wow, that's a coincidence, it fits like a glove to my long title!


Oh, and here's an example of removing the call history!


To download this tweak, head over this this XDA thread, download and install the CAB files.


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Guest said…
eerm you can just slide the clock upwards so itll become small?
Acerb One said…
Except waiting that tf3dconfig or compact homescreen update their cabs... Any way to do the same on a Touch Pro 2 / TP2 ?