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Mar 4, 2009

What do you really think of Windows Mobile 6.5? Poll results


It has been almost 2 weeks since I published the weekend poll about Windows Mobile 6.5 (errr... sorry, I meant Windows Phone...)

I must admit that comparing to previous polls the number of votes was very low. I hope it doesn't mean people no longer like my polls. I also hope it doesn't mean people no longer like Windows Mobile. (Actually, I prefer the second option...)

Anyways, here are the results:

pollresultsAs you can see, 32% feel that most of the changes are not so innovative, mainly because of a lot of 3rd party applications which filled those lacks.

30% liked it, although they will probably not hurry up to replace their current phone for the 6.5 upgrade.

30% can't wait to put their hands on WinMo 6.5 - those are the true WinMo fans I believe!

And 5% exagerated to think that WinMo 6.5 is perfection... Nice try by the way...


I guess only time will tell, until then - here are some links to learn more about the new version of Windows Mobile.

(Shoot! I meant Windows Phone... brrrrrr)

- Windows Mobile 6.5 new features

- Windows Mobile 6.5 in action (video)! 

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