WinMo 6.5 theme for SPB Mobile Shell


This one is hot! Seriously hot!

mtstmp form the XDA-Developers just published this great looking skin for SPB Mobile Shell 2.1.

I'm a huge fan of this best of breed shell application but this turns it to be even better looking!

SPB are going to release version 3 of Mobile Shell soon (see this great video demonstration for some more details about it) but if you just can wait - this one is for you.

According to the developer:

"This theme requires Mobile Shell version 2.1.5
It is for QVGA ONLY! It will not work on your Diamond, Touch Pro, HD, or Omnia. I'm sorry, it just takes too long to do!
I recommend changing your system font to Segoe UI. It makes everything fit better, and I think it improves the look of every app."


BTW, mtstmp has another great theme for SPB Mobile Shell that turns your phone into an iPhone clone, but as this look & feel was already done by so many developers, I would go on the WinMo 6.5 look which seems to be much more modern.



To download - head over to the XDA-Developers.

If you don't have access to the XDA, use this link.

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Aggregate said…
Just what I have been looking for, thanks!
wm 6.5 user said…
i hate the menu buttons at the bottom, not finger friendly.. i wish i could just maintain the honeycomb menu and stick with spb original layout