The 80's are back with Pac-Man for Windows Mobile

Screen99  Screen101

Modern classics here at the MobileSpoon!

We all played Pac-Man when we were young, (well, not me... I was born old...), and here's a little bit of retro for your WinMo phones.

(You know, something to show your friends, play with for a little while and leave it abandoned...)

This feels exactly like the original game, including the sounds!

You can download it from here.


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wanwarlock said…
you're guide seems to be done by someone who actually owns an iphone... say it ain't so???? hehe
wanwarlock said…
sorry, comment for wrong post... my mistake
Gil Bouhnick said…
Caught me.
But hey, I have written about it in the past, so it's no secret that I also use an iPhone (among other devices)
Anonymous said…
thanks a lot! just i was looking for!
Anonymous said…
thanks a lot! just i was looking for!

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