AppStore: 1 Billion Downloads in 9 Months


Few days ago the 1 billionth download from the Apple App Store was done, which means this number was achieved in just nine months.

The total number of applications is 35,000 at the moment (and bare in mind that there are other apps outside the app store), which is definitely an amazing number.

(I tried to see how many of those icons actually exist on my iPhone and found quite a few...)

What about Windows Mobile?

The OS which exists for more than 9 years and had the title of having the largest number of applications has, according to a report that was published few months ago, around 20,000 applications.

If those numbers are true, than the iPhone knocked off nine years of Windows Mobile applications in just nine months. How symbolic.

On the other hand, since there's no centralized store for Windows Mobile, it may be that there are far more applications than counted in the report.

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