Does the empire of HTC start to crumble?


During the weekend I found this interesting post at the mentioning that HTC has just announced a drop of 30% in first quarter in 2009.

HTC believes that it will achieve however growth bigger than 10% this year, because they are releasing several new phones, including HTC Touch Diamond2, and HTC Touch Pro2.

There may be a lot of reasons for the decrease, the first one of course, is the current world economy (which is not mentioned in the post), but while the author believes it's because HTC ignores customers' requests to change their proprietary ext-USB headphones connector, I believe it's also because most of the devices HTC releases are WinMo based which may not be as attractive as it used to be 1-2-3 years ago.

What do you think?

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Girlxoxo said…
I think it's because of the economy and because it's been a very competitive time for mobile phones - lots of new choices for Smartphones & PocketPC's.
Anonymous said…
I have had a WinMo device since the iPaq 3630 and upgraded through the Dell Axim. These devices and the platform itself worked well for me personally and professionally (DayRunner, what's that?!). I have had a Mogul and now a TouchPRO. Over the last 8 years, little has changed. If fact Pocket PC 2000 seemed way faster than today's version. HTC has done a great job tweaking the interface to something more useable, but until they slap MS across the face and tell them to wake up or go with Android or their own OS, it seems that HTC as reached that glass ceiling. They will be okay, but they are due for a Spring cleaning.

Somewhere in there I had a point.
Gil Bouhnick said…
I actually liked your point.
That's a great point, and I only wish something big will happen soon.

WinMo 6.5?
It's cool, but I'm not sure it's that big thing we all are waiting for...
Anonymous said…
I think it is because WinMo is too "professional",most people aroud me can't even use my WinMo phone to send a SMS,do you think they will buy one?